So You've Ruined Your Life

by weak teeth

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Ryukisai Damn' fast punk/screamo music full of efficient hardcorish anthems. Fresh! Favorite track: I Do Believe We're Naked by Funky-See Funky-Do.
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Tracked and Mixed by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance East

Tor Johnson Records
Riotous Outburst Records
Fist in the Air Records


released November 8, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Kill Yourself
we stand, children of the post-cold war indebted to the treaties of the world’s great wars. the vital declarations we paid for with our blood. to the greater development of human freedom. the framework we’re forged from, the ashes of the past, to the hope that defines who we are. a promise you sold off, stripped out, and turned your fucking back on. don't look to me wide eyed for a future while civilization erodes. headstrong to face down the shadows, just blood and bone. now we rise to inherit the rubble
of all the lives you destroyed. for every dream that was swallowed by darkness, for every person that's died under the crown. while they reshape our world for leviathan and whatever it demands, we stand alive in the dark realities of our lives. as time keeps passing, we'll solider on, building the new world ‘til the last one’s gone.
Track Name: Life Is Bullshit, Miroki
the descendents of the huddled masses, the post-war dregs: our mothers, our brothers, our names forever ingrained with a humble honor, for the opportunity to give their families a chance for a future in the brave, new free ideas that spoke to something inside every human life. every hardship and horror they faced is a piece sewn in our history. so take a long hard look: that's your face in the mirror, your shadow on the wall. is this the future they fought for, so you could step over millions to serve your self-interest? you are this cold, dead shiv, so callous and completely accustomed to privilege. what are you proud of now? i want out. 
i won't be counted among you, i can admit when i'm wrong. so you can carry this banner, but we won't follow along. i want out.
Track Name: Facebath III: Cube Zero
you've turned your attentions away from any shred of substance to the fetishes you create, your conceived identity and how successfully it's perceived. a slave to celebrity and social validity. i watch the dirt fall from your mouth. i feel it bury me. every relevant advancement in human history began with the individual. and if you didn't waste your life think now where would we be, what could have been achieved.
Track Name: I Do Believe We're Naked by Funky-See Funky-Do
a city of tombstones where nothing good survives, where every person’s fucking dead inside. they waste this and build their walls and expect you to walk around like nothing’s wrong. this won’t be my cross, not when i know there’s men and women out there working to change a culture they don’t recognize. they’re never scared to make this contribution everyday. we defend to give back to what saved our lives. i’d only ever been told i was wrong, that i was wasting my time, that there’s no future in any of this no matter how hard we try. so we’ll keep building thanklessly while you keep wondering why. this gave me everything so i’m not going to watch it die. shut us out of your clubs and we’ll build our own. give us what no one wants, we’ll make that our home. let those in the margins see they’re not alone. what we’ve built is a world you will never know, you will never own.
Track Name: Anything Helps, God Bless
we were the future and now we're the surplus. we worked for our degree without a guarantee that there would be something left for us. but when we made it in, we were pedestrian, a whole generation directionless. the jobs that they trained us for just don't exist anymore. this debt is hanging over, i won't let it cripple me. i’ve sacrificed too much to not succeed. we scrape by. no matter how grim, we'll change to survive. we scrape by. born from the ashes but we're still alive. we'll scrape.
Track Name: Dumb Fuckin' White Man
i can feel your eyes, hear every whispered slur you tried to hide from me. they sound like screams. it’s in the way you act, how you control our lives like they’re yours to own, like there’s something wrong with who i choose to love. like when you pass a law designed to make me feel like i’m less than you, when all your power couldn’t make that true. i’m sure it’s never crossed your mind what it’s like to be in love while we try to rise above you. you fucking coward, i feel your hate grow. it always fails its purpose, can’t take away what i know. you’re far too terrified of what you feel inside. you fucking bigot, you fucking clone, recant your slander in normative roles. emotionally repressed bullshit supremacist. you’re victims no more contrary to your thinking. no hatred, no more in the future we are teaching. keep gaining common ground, we’re never backing down. i’ve been attacked since the first day i refused to hang my head in shame. it’s our power that mocks you. protect the sanctity of union-heeding dumb white men control, it’s our power that haunts you. (they’re) your victims no more. you’re victims.
Track Name: Back Home Years Ago
when you’ve lost everything you can lose, you won’t die. you’ll get up and live everyday, even if nowhere feels like home. like a milestone from a lash, it’s up to me now. we all wish something could be different, something life got wrong. some regret, some hole in my life won’t keep me from the meaningful life that i deserve. try and retry as we strive for better lives.
Track Name: Suckfest Convention
i’ll never sing another anthem, some self-aggrandizing paublum of an unrealistic perspective, while you fiend for a way to feel reassured. the walls came crashing all around us, and you can’t go on living ignoring this. my eyes have seen the frailty of man, and this is the fury awakened. worked to death, resigned to serve ‘til our bodies are worn. let everything disposable burn. drowning out every voice ‘til there’s no more noise. feel your power, die in the silence. this voice, this mind will forever be mine. it’s the only thing they can’t take away. i’ll never hide the anger inside.
Track Name: I Fly. I'm Pilot
the voice of the voiceless falls on the deafened ears of the profiteers who built an industry undermining policy and dividing our commonality, to pave the way for pay to play. control the outcome, control the game. as the rights of your people get washed away and the framework is forever changed, nothing will ever be the same. if we cannot defeat this narrow point of view for the needs of the many, then what the fuck can we do? muscled out to secure for-profit law.
Track Name: I'm Better Than Okay
she walks the dim lit streets all alone, unshaken and unafraid. she tries to find the strength to let these feelings go but she's overwhelmed with rage. so sick of being told what decisions she could make, 
who to be, and what to say. but mostly she's just tired trying to explain what could justify her pain. what would it take for you to look with introspection at all the mistakes of your privileged gender? perpetuate
with actions from your breed prospective. your thoughts and your words: a constant burden that you can't know or understand as a man, and you never will until you unlearn.
Track Name: Providence Music Scene Soccer Camp Trophy
Track Name: Everything Is Terrible
two hundred thirty-eight years in vain, every gain overshadowed by decades of shame. all the ethics we let slip away and the atrocities they carried out in the name. safeguarding the rights of the few, keep the bottom on the bottom, they exist to die. they use their power to control you, whatever culture or tradition they destroy. though you might feel like victims too, this is our history, our past, and we are accomplices. this flag and the stark connotation it holds has held back emerging nations of the world. we kept them in line, murdered who they elect, then just took ‘til there nothing left. a brand new slavery: country and colony. and they only wanted our help building true democracies free from fear and want, a promise americans died to protect. two hundred thirty-eight years of genuine heroes and brave pioneers. our unbreakable national character is all but gone, has all but disappeared. i see your prominence fading, 
the panic in your eyes. i wonder where will you turn to when the nations who serve you leave you behind. it's not too late to change this if you can loosen your hold on the developing nations, on everyone in the world. we are masters to no one no matter what we think. they forged their own future while we continue to sink. now we all will bear witness to the monument’s fall.
Track Name: Nothing Is Cool
now, this is your last fucking chance to face this cold reality you refuse to see. you let the cornerstone, the beacon of freedom and liberty, crumble. you’re not invincible no matter how much you think you are. no more restraint, no allies, a nation of slaves to the bottom line. no effort, no civic pride, seemingly content just marking time. i feel like you’re waiting for the world to end. gave up, dug in. you took advantage of status and influence to guard your sin. what happened to the weight of your word, the pride in your progress, the value of your work, the drive inside, the strength of your promise? how did we end up here? the blame lies clear on our shoulders, pacified by "peacetime." now as the front lines surround us, will you give everything to bring it back to life? the enemy inside, so calculated and subtle. we're all capable. the battle we will fight, giving our lives wont guarantee our victory. our war is a battle of hearts and minds for all mankind.