weak teeth

by weak teeth

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Bathory Blaze Awesome music from RI. Providence was a blast when I lived there. Favorite track: you have selected "no".
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released June 15, 2010

Recorded: January 2010 at The Parlour in Pawtucket, RI.
Engineers: Dan Sawyer and Uncle Tom
Additional vocals: Kyle Campol, Annie Camara



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Track Name: welcome to MENSA
sell me all your uppers, they're about to kick me out.
and that means no more credit cards; no more frivolous living. then how will i afford the club? gin and rum and her designer drugs. i'm cracking up! this privileged life, i'm never giving up. no, i'm not learning. i paid for grades. and i won't have a theory to change one fucking thing!
Track Name: facebath
i'm fed fucking up! reading books on how to strategically apply ideas of anarchism on this democratic mind. placard signs, book sales and congregations, taking drugs, holding hands and almost no one understands. what's the structure? what's the endgame? what are our demands? what is our big fix for when the power changes hands? sure, i'd like to take a life too and we'll all get our chance. but i am not participating in your kiddie revenge with no plans to advance! we were raised up to believe with inconsistency, comes change in law. effectiveness in understanding, powerless in threat. our tragic flaw. activists and academics, firebombs or facts won't change a law. our voices are massed together. a hindering effect, unto us all.
Track Name: you have selected "no"
sniveling dogs. they're all laughing at you. choke, you fucking joke! the image of home, don't mean nothing to me anymore. sacrificial whore: forgotten and dormant, unloved. caricatures of humble hearts, so self-satisfied. hypocrites, contradictions. we take them in stride. actors on their pupils so used to being liked. unconventional spectacle a comedic device. in this age of the criminal mind, they try to sell everything that they sign. every band, get in line. are you worth anything? that's for you to decide. go either way, put up or shut up. unplug your amp, smash your guitar. go find out who the fuck you are!
it's the same everywhere you go. it's the same every fucking show. you're the same, from head to toe. you're the same and it's time you know.
Track Name: september 30th
they're crashing, they're falling to die in the earth finding out what they really are worth. out windows they leaped to dance with the dead, ignoring everything everyone said. i'm the lump in your throat, i'm the national debt. i'm the day you will never forget. the day currency became worthless and void, the day that the earth is completely destroyed. unshakable foundations designed with solid cores, so secure they don't see they are the saboteurs. a divine accumulation justified how we ignored, overlords stayed silent and pushed the balance towards our hopeless future, division, and discord. a one-world system no one can afford. a fallen union to never be restored. a dark example the textbooks will record. and they'll blame it on us. let the free market rust. who will shoulder the cost? ashes to ashes, dust to fucking dust.
Track Name: ...and they shall inherit the earth
transmission abandoned, the signal has failed.
the most vile of them, have aptly prevailed.
our forces will fall and our homes as it turns out will be home to nothing at all. so on with the feast of these human remains, help spread the virus. crack open the graves! be an infestion, to all of god's creation. what was will be what is will be no more. the light will turn to darkness when all attempts are hopeless. as time dissolves our footprints, inside us they'll endure. reversal of the foodchain, was overdue they concurred. absence, our control was miles away. sitting there so innocent, we pray for hope as we waste away. when the sky became as black as sackcloth, the moon became as blood. the sevenh seal was justly broken, infection had us overrun. you've lost the human race. all that is vile has taken your place.