what a plague you are

from by weak teeth



don’t you remember what made this seminal to us? the unity and constancy and trust was a labor lost. this is what we deserve for years of tearing people down. we watch our purpose dying with no one left to blame but ourselves. no wonder they gave up. what the fuck has changed? waiting for our time to talk barely listening. too desensitized to care, too occupied to know. gave up expectations long ago. this is our big contribution, this is what we’ve done. we shit on the ethos that made us one. your hallowed life of lies, your future that’s assured, i won’t be a part of it anymore. my whole life i waited for a change. my whole life i was the enemy. my hole life.


from what a plague you are, released October 22, 2011
additional vocals by: Chan Hong & Derrick Garforth



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