get a life, read a book, eat a dick

from by weak teeth



i bore the brunt of every failing, every memory fraught with your regret. make no mistake, it’s my privilege. you can’t shame me into feeling sin for the nightmare that i grew up in. desecrate, relegate, my soul will never be broken. your words can’t hurt me anymore. every scar i suffered paved the way for a love i’ve never known. i’ll show you every day so you never have to live like her. you’ll never know that pain. i won’t apologize for who i am or regret my damaged dreams. ‘cause you’ll never hear me scream these words about what life was like for me. so Hiba, this is your world now. live a life without regret. tell your mother every day you love her. thank her every chance you get. you won’t be raised afraid. i don’t blame you, the decisions were mine, but come what may i own my life. i owned my life.


from what a plague you are, released October 22, 2011



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