blue skies, shit life

from by weak teeth



the model kingdoms untranslatable by man are nothing any heart can understand. watch their eyes fixed and vacant to the skies, desperately seek meaning in their lives. we were made self-involved, and in our bankrupt nature de-evolved into bitter little frauds, unwilling to forgive. shutting out and never looking in at how their principles do not seem to matter at all, frightened by where we’ll concede. this graven image is yours, not mine, and i’ll be lost until i find something still unknown. i don’t want to be alone. if a soul remains once we’ve left this world, we’ll meet them face to face with pasts we can’t escape. we’ll try and sell a lie that they will not believe. they all bear the scars from the lash of humankind. god’s shame is mine. imperfect design. the gifts we’ve been given: squandered away. bottle my compassion up and walk over the weak. i never asked to be born. shattered out the chance for a peace upon the earth. i never asked to be born. i won’t be an accomplice squandered away. i hope we are forgotten. i hope we are alone. i’d rather be alone.


from what a plague you are, released October 22, 2011
additional vocals by: Declan Ryan



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